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Kill the Bills Outlawing Protest and Refugees

London, 15th Jan 2022

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Protesters meet at Lincoln's Inn Fields to rally and march against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill which will severely limit the basic right to protest, allow racist policing of ethnic minorities and legitimise the ethnic cleansing of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, and the Nationalities and Borders bill which will make refugees and anyone who aids them criminals, including the RNLI and others providing rescue and humanitarian aid.

2022, asylum, asylum seekers, black, classist, climate change, confiscation of homes, Crime, criminal offence, criminalisation of trespass, criminalising refugees, cultural cleansing, discrimination, education, fascism, GRT, Gypsy, harassment, Home Secretary, human rights, humanitarian aid, immigration, imprisonment, inhumane, January, Kill the Bill, law of the sea, lifeboats, London, mental health, Nationalities and Borders Bill, offshore care, PCSC, people smugglers, Peter Marshall, police, police powers, prison sentences, Pritti Patel, protest, racial harassment, racism, racist policing, refugees, rescue, right to protest, RNLI, Roma, school exclusion, Sentencing and Court Bill, Traveller, trespass, victims of war

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Stop Savills Destroying Social Housing

Brixton, 15th Jan 2022

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Residents from Lambeth's Central Hill Estate and supporters protest outside the West End offices of Savill's, awarded a 6.7m deal to assess housing estates before disposing of them. Savill's helped Lambeth set up 'Homes for Lambeth' which after 20 years will produce only 174 extra homes at council rents alongside 2,889 investment properties, and that the company ignores embodied carbon and the potential of retrofitting.

2022, carbon, Central Hill, Central Hill estate, conflicts of interest, controversial consultations, council housing, council tenants, Cressingham Gardens, Croydon, demolition, don't demolish, hands off our homes, housing, housing estates, housing is a human right, investment properties, January, Lambeth, Lambeth Council, leaseholders, London, market rents, Peter Marshall, protest, Radical Housing Network, redevelopment, refurbish don't demolish, retrofitting, Save Central Hill Estate, Savills, Savills Out, sell off, social housing, stop Savills Land Grabs

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Peckham Protest For Decent Housing For All

Peckham, 22nd Jan 2022

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The Revolutionary Communist Group and other housing activists protest in the busy streets of Peckham calling for safe, decent and secure housing at reasonable rents for all. Southwark's Labour Council has demolished thousands of council homes, selling off land and homes for development almost entirely for private rent or sale, with little at social rents despite over 16,000 families on the council waiting list and 3,300 in temporary accommodation.

banners, council homes, demolition, estates demolished, evictions, Heygate, high rents, homeless, homelessness, housing, housing crisis, housing for all, housing is a human right, huge prices, London, London Borough, London housing, march, no security, overcrowding, Peckham, Peckham Place, Peter Marshall, private sector, protest, rally, RCG, refurbishment, rent rises, Revolutionary Communist Group, Savills, security of tenure, sold off, Southwark, unaffordable, Wooddene

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Protest at Armoured Vehicles Conference

Twickenham, 24th Jan 2022

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Protesters picket the Armoured Vehicles Conference at Twickenham Rugby Ground attended by arms companies including Thales, Leonardo, Rheinmetall, Northrop Grumman and Israeli missile manufacturer Rafael with speakers from the Ministry of Defence, NATO and the Bundeswehr. Delegates include those from dictatorships and oppressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, UAE and Israel which use armoured vehicles against their populations

amnesty, armoured vehicles, arms manufacturers, arms trade, Bahrain, CAAT, dictatorships, exhibition, human rights, human rights abuses, International Armoured Vehicles, Israel, Kingston Peace Council, Leonardo, military occupation, missiles, Northrop Grumman, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Palestinians, protest, PSC, Quaker Roots, Rafael, repressive regimes, RFU, Rheinmetall, Richmond & Kingston, Rugby Football Union, rugby stadium, Saudi Arabia, sports stadium, tanks, Turkey, Twickenham, Twickenham stadium, UAE, war on want, weapons, XR

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Stop Prosecuting Cross Channel Refugees

Crown Prosecution Service, 26th Jan 2022

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A protest at the CPS by Movement for Justice calls for an end to the prosecution of cross-channel refugees for assisting unlawful immigration, with current prosecutions to be dropped and those still imprisoned freed. Five convictions have already been quashed by the Court of Appeal for these racist and unlawful cases. The CPS appears driven by pressure from the Home Office, whose current Borders bill will criminalise all coming to the UK to seek asylum.

#Justice4Nabil, assisting unlawful immigration, asylum, asylum seekers, Borders Bill, convictions quashed, Court of Appeal, CPS, criminalising asylum, cross channel refugees, Crown Prosecution Service, Home Office, illegal, illegal prosecutions, Justice4Nabil, London, Movement for justice, Nabil AbdulMajid, Nationality and Borders Bill, prosecuting refugees, racism, racist bill, racist prosecutions, refugees, steering boats, stop prosecuting refugees, UK, unlawful, unlawful prosecutions

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SODEM Protests Against Johnson And Tories

Westminster, 26th Jan 2022

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Steven Bray and his Stand of Defiance European Movement  continue their protests outside Parliament with banners and posters against Boris Johnson and the corrupt Tory government. Placards and banners show Downing St as a crime scene and call on Johnson to resign and question if the Gray report will be yet another whitewash. They call Johnson a pathological liar.

banners, Big Ben, Boris Johnson, Brexit, Brexit Bus, Brexit Bus of lies, charlatans, cheats, crime scene, democracy, gray report, graywash, insult to democracy, Johnson out, liar, liars, parliament, Parliament Square, Parliament St, placards, protest, self-serving liars, SODEM, Stand of Defiance European Movement, Steve Bray, Steven Bray, UK's Deadliest Strain, whitewash

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Protest Calls For Help For Tigray

Parliament Square, 26th Jan 2022

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Tigrayan protesters in Parliament Square call for humanitarian aid for Tigray, and an end to what they say is the genocide taking place. Since Nov 2020 they say over 150,000 civilians have been killed or wounded in the civil war with Ethiopian government forces, including from strikes by Turkish drones and ask the UK government to intervene and stop the man-made famine there.

#SanctionEthiopia, #Tigrayfamine, Abiy Ahmed Ali, bombing, civil war, civilian deaths, crimes against humanity, drone strikes, Ethiopia, famine, free prisoners, genocide, humanitarian aid, humanitarian corridor, London, no fly zone, Parliament Square, protest, stop bombing Tigray, Tigray, Tigray flag, Tigray province, Tigrayan flag, Turkish drones, UK, UK Government, war crimes

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