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August 2018

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Thousands March for Animal Rights

London. Sat 25 Aug 2018

 Flares are set off as the march begins


 Marchers go past Parliament

 'Could You Kill them ? ? ?'

 'Against Cruelty to Animals'

 'Why love one ... but eat the other?'


 'Animals are NOT Ingredients - Go Vegan'

 'Human Slaughter is a Lie'

 'Vegan For The Animals'

 'Eating Animals is Weird'      Against Animal Testing



 'Cut the Bullshit - Go Vegan'

 'My Baby NOT Your Dinner'

 'Tiger Tiger Shining Bright, Please Help Us All To See, Darkness Give Way To Light, All Beings Must Be Free'

 'if I shut my eyesMamma, maybe he wont see me'





 'Meat is Murder'


 'My Body is NOT a Graveyard'

 'Say No to Real Fur - Boycott Harvey Nichols'



 Scary Dairy - a woman carries a cow

 A Unicorn on the march



   'Meat is Murder'


 'humane slaughter? nah that's BULLSHIT'

 'Stop Greyhound Racing'

Meat Is Murder'

And just around the corner from the march was a preacher with the message
'Wake Up Satan's Brainwashed Cattle'

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