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August 2018

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Capital Ring: South Kenton to Hendon

London. Mon 27 Aug 2018

 A fine grave-stone in the churchyard of old St Andrew's Church for Mr TImothy Wetherilt


 THe church was replaced by a new one next door, 1847 Victorian gothic, moved stone by stone from Wells St in London in the 1930s


 A short walk (with some deviation to a garden centre mainly for its toilets) took us to the Welsh Harp - Brent Reservoir


 at its east end is West Hendon Waterside, where Barnet council have sold off their West Hendon estate, a

 pleasant and well-loved council estate with 680 homes in decent condition for a quarter of its value to Barratt.

  who describe it as "170 hectares of beautiful green surroundings overlooking the Welsh Harp reservoir"

 The estate residents fought the so-called 'regeneration' but their homes are being demolished. Many of them

 have not been rehoused. Social cleansing like this by London boroughs is forcing many people on low or moderate

  incomes out of London. A crane looms over Tyrell Close on the estate.

 The development will result in more homes, but few will be social housing, and the so-called affordable properties

 will be beyond reach of the current residents, with many probably bought and left empty by overseas property investors.

 More 1930s development


 Late Victorian terraces on the A5 at West Hendon Broadway. Still a very busy road for through traffic, though

 most now goes along the nearby M1 and Hendon Way


 M1 motorway and East Coast mainline railway from Kings Cross

 Park Road

 Nicoll Place. The Nicoll family were important in Hendon's history and lived at Hendon Place in the 16th century

 A seat in Hendon Park

 And we had ice-cream

 At Hendon Park Cafe, which says it is "the first kosher park café to open up in the UK".


 Hendon Park Holocaust Memorial Garden,


 Central Circus, Hendon


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